‘Tis the season!

…for holiday marketing, that is!

This time of year, it seems that anywhere (and everywhere) you look, there’s an advertisement of some sort for various “holiday specials.” Why is that?

There’s an obvious answer to that question, of course. It’s because it’s “buying season.” The time of year when people spend the most! In fact, this year, Americans are expected to spend over $600 BILLION in Christmas gifts.

Okay, so, there are advertisements everywhere because stores are trying to get your attention and win your business. (They know you’re going to spend the money, so they obviously want to you spend it with them.) But why does all of that holiday marketing work…?

Those stores are taking advantage of your vulnerability.

Maybe that’s harsh. Let’s try again.

Those stores are taking advantage of the opportunity you are giving them to openly market to YOU. Again, they know that you are “in the mood” to spend money, more than any other time of the year in fact. So what do they do? Amp up their marketing. They strategically place it where their target consumer will see it. And, if it does make an impression on you and you purchase something from their store, then it works.

Holiday Marketing Works!

Let us show you.

But I’m not just talking about signs or posters by the door of a storefront inviting you in for a “holiday sale!”

Just this morning, I received an email that got my attention. The subject line simply read “We’ve Saved The Best For Last…” I knew that this particular store had been doing a “5 days of Christmas promotion” with different discounts on various items through the week. Not only did this subject line grab my attention, but once I opened the email there was an offer for free shipping!

I’m a sucker for free shipping.

So what did I do? Well, it started out as “shopping for my mom” and ended with me buying a pair of shoes.

Merry Christmas to me!

Holiday Marketing Works.

If it’s executed correctly and placed strategically, the results of a holiday marketing campaign can be incredible. And guess what? Your business can experience those results. We’d be happy to help, too!

PS-That is a Christmas tree of Pringles in the picture above. Crazy, right?

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