I have been anything but jolly this past week. Why is this? It’s such a jolly time of year! ‘Tis the season of Christmas spirit…hot chocolate, Christmas music, delicious treats, cozy sweaters and…

‘Tis The Season For Direct Mail.

Yuck. I don’t even like typing the word. After checking the mail this time of year, I’m instantly frustrated by amount of JUNK addressed to me. I’m not talking about Christmas cards, I’m a huge sucker for those. I’m talking about all the sales postcards, catalogs,”limited time only” offers that I have no interest in. What is the difference between sappy family Christmas cards and direct mail? They’re both mail pieces junking up my mailbox…

I WANT Christmas cards.

THAT is the difference. I want to see cute (forced) Christmas card photos and catch up on the lives of my friends and family. However, I do not want to know about the holiday sale going on at the hardware store down the street. And you can’t pay me enough to set foot in a mall. Therefore, I do not want direct mail. No, thank you.

Some people may really enjoy sorting through direct mail. And that’s great for those people. However, it’s not something the majority of people enjoy doing (nor do they have time during this busy time of year). So all the effort of planning, printing and distributing direct mail pieces is not always worth it. Not to mention the expense.

Like me, people give their time and attention to things they enjoy, things they have an interest in (like Christmas cards). And buying behaviors have changing over the years. Buyers now have to power to shop and research on their own before making a purchase decision. Where are those buyers? What do they enjoy?

Online. They enjoy being in control, shopping where they want, when they want.

The question is…will they find you? Does your business have a dominant presence with content optimized for SEO? Not only SEO optimized content, but is it relevant to what your customers are searching? There are a lot of components to a successful digital marketing plan. But you’re lucky.

We’re here to help.

Ready to find out more about how to implement a digital marketing plan? Tired of spending the money on direct mail that gets tossed aside? Fill out the form below to get started! Interested to learn more? Take a look at our resources section, you won’t be disappointed.

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