There is no doubt the Internet has transformed our world…

Just this morning, I was watching the news and an anchor mentioned something about “contacting your travel agent.” I honestly don’t know if he was joking or being serious, but I chuckled to myself…

Who on earth still uses a travel agent?” I thought.

While I know there are still those people out there, and I’m certainly not here to judge, I just find it interesting that the Internet has made some roles so obsolete.

I know I’m different than some (again, no judgement), but if I want to travel, the first place I go is to the Internet. I search Google, see what shows up on the first page and explore from there. I would never think to hire a travel agent when the Internet makes planning a trip so easy.

Times Are A Changin'

Use it to your advantage!

Not only has the Internet made some roles/jobs obsolete, it has also created a whole crowd of marketing opportunities. Marketing opportunities that you need to take advantage of!

Think about it. You go online and search “Travel to Hawaii.” The first listings that show up are cruises, vacation packages, resorts, excursions, etc. Each of those listings are advertising efforts meant to get your attention, gain your interest, and ultimately result in a sale.

You know what you don’t find?

Travel agents.

So yes, the Internet has changed the world we live in. I think we can all agree on that. This change has brought marketing opportunities like never before. That’s great news for you.

If you aren’t taking advantage of the multitude of marketing opportunities, you should. It’s most definitely in the best interest of your business.

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