I happen to be a bit of a loner. Not that I don’t have an amazing group of friends and family or that I’m completely socially awkward (okay, maybe sometimes). I’m a solid introvert with a social streak and it took me a really long time to realize that. I can happily entertain myself. I’m comfortable with silence. And I’m really big on internal motivation and completing projects on my own. However, especially in the professional world, it’s been a hard lesson to learn that there’s no “I” in team.

I’ve had a horrible headache for two days. The changes in the weather, all of the leaves falling, I’m not sure what. These kind of debilitating headaches are pretty rare for me but when they do occur, they happen in a big way. I spent most of yesterday in a haze of discomfort. For some reason, ideas were making sense in my head but I was pretty much unable to verbalize them. That’s where MY team comes in.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

SDB is on your side!

SDB is a fairly small company with a lot of talent. We get along well and are able to brainstorm and encourage each other to think critically to make our business work. At SDB, there are no stupid ideas. Even the ones that don’t end up being used are usually repurposed as the foundation of some bigger, better thought process. It’s honestly pretty awesome to watch happen.

While I was struggling yesterday, my poor counterpart, Kelsie, had to endure a lot of listening to me read emails out loud to make sure they made sense. Our team sat down to discuss ideas on how to streamline some of our business procedures. We worked together to finalize a portion of a project after various drafts were deemed to be not quite what we were looking for…and we got to share in the success when what we finally had in our heads appeared on paper. While I still feel like I’m most productive working on my own as far as output goes, I really felt like I was part of a group that encourages success amongst everyone.

SDB likes for our customers to consider us as allies, partners, MVPs, a critical component to their business’s success. We work as a team within a team in order to make sure that our clients thrive. Contact us to make SDB a valued member of your team today.


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Amanda's brain for business and love of words combine to make her an ideal fit as a Content Strategist for SDB Creative Group. She enjoys collaborating with clients and coworkers alike to create the perfect combination of information and fun. Amanda is the mama to three adorable fur babies and an "Ammay" to multiple nephews and nieces. In her spare time, she's a world traveler, a culinary adventurer, and always has her nose in a book.