I am over the top on Christmas. I have an Excel spreadsheet of all of the kids gifts labeled Christmas 2K15. They have been wrapped for weeks and I am hopeful for a grateful and joyous crew on Christmas morning like they are for Ellen’s 12 Days! That’s not to say that I haven’t failed with a gift or two along the years. Maybe, I wanted to get a deal that I didn’t realize how cheesy or weird a present was, or simply that most children don’t want socks or underwear for Christmas.

To jog your memory, let me tell you about a sketch of Jimmy Fallon’s I watched called, #WorstGiftEver. One person received a package of socks…not too bad, right? Well, each pair of socks were individually wrapped, all 24 of them. Another received a $25 Gift Card to Starbucks only to find out, it was a used Gift Card with only a $10 remaining balance. Yet another got a video game for a system they didn’t have and was told to go play it at the neighbor’s house.

I’ve only received a couple of presents that were not exactly something I asked for, but I have heard of some real doozies! Here is, by far, the worst gift that I have EVER heard of actually happening to someone I know…

A good friend is recently married and ready to have their First Christmas together as a couple. They invite the family, including his mother, who isn’t the biggest fan of the changes. She gives her new daughter-in-law, an open jar of wrinkle cream that she didn’t like. And if that wasn’t bad enough, apparently the next year was worse, because she received another open jar, but this time it was peanuts! I can’t imagine the grace that was necessary to open those gifts.

What’s your #worstgiftever story? Share it with us!

Bad Christmas Gifts Are Like Bad Marketing...

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