After publishing Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series, you probably have a pretty good understanding about the power of reviews. In today’s wrap-up, we’re going to focus on how you should approach reviews from a business standpoint. We want you to look at them not as the reviewer…but the reviewee.

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Read your reviews.

Read your reviews. Read them ALL. If you don’t read reviews written about your business, you’re basically throwing away an incredible opportunity to (1) grown (2) learn (3) build relationships. Would you throw away your child’s report card without ever having reviewed it? Probably not. Reviews provide business owners a free benchmark for evaluating their businesses. It’s a great asset to utilize to see how well you’re doing. So take the time to read them, whether on Facebook, Google, Yelp, or any other platform your company might use.

Keep An Open Mind

As we discussed in Part 2, part of writing a quality review is providing quantitative “evidence” regarding your experience. As the business owner being reviewed, you’ve got to look in the mirror on this, as well. While it’s easy to get distracted by the occasional negative review, it’s very important to take a clinical standpoint on any review and keep an open mind…even for the glowing reviews, too. It’s important to maintain some perspective.

A quick note on negative reviews: as an business, it’s important to assess the situation from a neutral standpoint. As we discussed above, determining the quality of the reviewer’s statements will help you accurately evaluate and diffuse any negative comments. Ask your employees about any issues and keep an open, impartial mind. Every situation is a learning opportunity.

Do You Read Your Reviews?

SDB Reads Ours.

Formulate Your Response

It’s critical to respond to each review as they come in. Schedule time once or twice a week (or more, if you receive many reviews) to read and reply to reviewers. Timeliness is important. Consumers genuinely appreciate a personalized response to their opinions. Be sure to respond to every review, whether good or bad. Showing you genuinely care about your customers’ experiences will add to your credibility and likability.

I recently gave a review for a restaurant where I expressed that while I enjoyed the majority of my meal, the entree that I’d ordered was a little under-par. Within a week, the owner of the restaurant personally messaged me to ask for further details. His personalized response was unexpected and much appreciated…and it made me want to dine there again.

It’s Time To Measure Up

Use any review as an opportunity to grow as a business. Responding positively to negative experiences shows that you not only care about your customers, but that you’re interested in the longevity and growth of your business. It’s important to keep contact with your consumers and reviews are a great way to do that.

Reviews help me make many decisions as a consumer, so I feel the need to “give back” to others who feel the same. After three blogs on the power of reviews, I feel like I *might* be able to hop off of my soapbox…after I write a couple more reviews!

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