It’s a (not quite) 20-question Monday! Did you go to a movie, go out to eat, try a new attraction? If you did something fun, did you write a review? If you did, it’s critical to write a quality one. Do you know how to write a great review? Today’s blog is all about the power of reviews and…how to write a powerful review.

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Take Some Time

While it’s important to write a review soon after your experience so you remember it accurately, it’s also important to take at least a day or two after your visit to put a little distance on it. This is especially important to do this if things didn’t go so great. Giving yourself time to reflect on your experience can help you be more constructive when you’re actually writing your review.

Qualify Your Experience

Being able to provide reasons for your rating is an important part of writing a quality review. It gives readers a basis for forming an opinion and to make a better decision for themselves. For example:

  • POOR Review Language – “This place is good. I liked it.”
  • GOOD Review Language – “The ingredients are fresh, the waitstaff is friendly, and my meal was prepared exactly how I like it.”
  • BAD Review Language – “I can’t believe how rude the people were!”
  • GOOD Review Language – “We encountered a bit of an issue with our waiter disappearing for long periods of time. We had to request a different server.”

Be Constructive

Writing constructive reviews, even if your review is negative, is one of the best gifts you can give business owners, particularly small businesses. Focusing your review on ways to improve, giving specifics on things your liked or disliked, and providing photographs can help owners understand their customers’ experiences and utilize them to build rapport with future clients and improve their relationships with existing ones.

Whether or not you choose to write a review is a totally personal choice. I enjoy contributing them, as reading product or service reviews often helps me make better decisions. Today’s consumers can easily educate themselves with just a few keystrokes. So make sure that your reviews count by writing something other users (and businesses, too!) can use.

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