I’m kind of a big deal. Or at least I am according to TripAdvisor. I was the #1 reviewer in Midland for 2015. Granted, I won’t win any awards but that little email gave me about 30 seconds of introverted fame. However, the whole thing got me thinking (scary!) about the power of reviews. And once I got started, I came up with way more material than I could fit into a single blog…so here’s to a three part series on reviews.

Why I Review

Some people are willing to take a risk, while others are more risk-adverse. While I love a new adventure, if I know there’s something that I’m not going to enjoy, I simply won’t add it to my list of to-do’s. This isn’t to say that a company needs to be put out of business…it just isn’t my cup of tea.

That’s why I choose to review as often as I possibly can, especially when it comes to my travels. While I don’t mind shared common areas in my vacation accommodations, I am most definitely not a hostel-type sleeping arrangements gal…and especially no dorm-style shared bathrooms for me, please! As I said, this doesn’t mean these places aren’t fantastic for those who enjoy those things…but as a consumer, I want to know about them prior to booking them. The same can be said for restaurants, service industries, hospitality groups, and other industries that sell goods or services…and my best source of information is from legitimate, unbiased user reviews.

Do You Know Who's Reading Your Reviews?

SDB Is 5-Stars!

Is It Really That Important?

An honest review really is that important. As a company, valuable feedback from your suppliers and consumers is critical in determining your company’s benchmark, good or bad. If your business is in a highly competitive market, reviews are one of the best ways to define the difference between you and your competitors. Even critical reviews can be beneficial…they give your company insight into its weaknesses and how and where to make changes.

This is Midland’s #1 TripAdvisor reviewer for 2015 signing off…join me for the next two installments of our blog series on the power of reviews. We’ll be talking about what makes a quality review and how your company can utilize them to improve.

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