For the longest time all I heard about was P90X and Insanity. It was tiring reading all the updates about what people had done in their daily workout, how many burpies they had done and how sore they were. Finally, the mania seemed to calm down a bit! What was the next big thing going to be? Then BAM, GOP VP nominee, Paul Ryan bursts onto the scene touting P90X. His testimonial led to other testimonials. P90X sales have jumped 400%. Google searches for Paul Ryan P90X have spiked more than 5000% since August 11th. The power of a testimonial is astounding.

Never underestimate the effect of the personal testimonial in your marketing strategy. Testimonials from happy clients are an important part of any business’s marketing plan. They lend trustworthiness and experience to a business. Showing those testimonials in their best light is also important.

There are several important factors to consider to ensure your testimonials are effective:

• Your sales staff should always encourage testimonials.

• Have a process for collecting testimonials. If your sales staff does not have or know the process, they are less likely to ask their customers for a testimonial. Decide who or what department will compile this information and where it will be used.

• Don’t ever be shy about asking for testimonials. Ask your customers for a testimonial when they are the happiest. Typically this is at the end of the transaction or after a great job has been completed.

• Make sure the testimonials are real. Embellishing or removing details is a quick way to lose credibility with your customers.

• Focus on success stories and never let negative things be said about the competition. Stay focused on the positive benefits your company offered.

• Keep contact information about the person giving the testimonial. You may want to contact that person again for other stories or PR efforts.

• Use a photo or video of the testimonial. A video is a great way to add testimonials to your website.

If you’re not using testimonials in your promotional materials, start today. Contact the customers you have a strong relationship with and don’t be afraid to ask. Your social media platforms are a great place to showcase positive comments about your business.

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