In case you haven’t heard, last week Google released a new algorithm for ranking search engine results. The game-changing component of this new algorithm?

Mobile optimization.

(Get more information on what this means or to find out if your site is optimized for mobile.)

There are some undeniable reasons why your website should be mobile optimized. Check it out.

Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Mobile Optimized:

1. Google Says So
Google controls approximately 67% of the search market share. So, what they say goes. When Google makes recommendations, it is always suggested that you listen. If you want to be on the first page of search engine results (who doesn’t?) then it is critical that your website be mobile optimized.

2. Many Screens, One Website
Another reason why your website should be mobile optimized is to enhance user-experience. When someone can access a website easily on their mobile device, it is both convenient and helpful. However, their experience is just the opposite on a site that is not optimized for mobile. Do you want your business to be associated with a pleasant website experience or an unpleasant one? Exactly.

3. Get Ahead Of Your Competition
Guess what? You aren’t the only business who is a victim of “mobilegeddon” (AKA the new Google algorithm). But, you have a choice. Ignore the change and get left in the dust by your competitors, OR, see this change as an opportunity to get ahead. (Hint: go with the “get ahead” option.)

These are just a few of the reasons why your website should be mobile optimized. If you want to be found online, mobile optimization is no longer a choice. It’s mandatory (because Google says so, remember?)

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