I received a last minute reminder Sunday night that it would be great to contribute to our blog with something themed for Thanksgiving.  My content immediately came to me.  I’m very thankful for the amazing team we have at SDB Creative Group.  Both SDB and our clients are extremely blessed to have an extraordinary, dedicated group of people who work tirelessly, always going above and beyond, giving their very best.

One of the great benefits we have at SDB is working with a diverse group of clients.  They are made up of different industries, ages, cities, target customers, etc.  They all have similar challenges, but they also have very unique, individual challenges.  The trust our clients place with us is never taken for granted in sharing these challenges, their goals, their dreams for their businesses.  This is what makes our team at SDB special.

All We Can Do Is All We Can Do

110% For Your Business

Our team puts its heart and soul into every client

When a client hires us they are getting more than a company providing marketing services for them.  What they are getting is an experienced team who treats our clients’ businesses as if it were their own.  Our team becomes emotionally invested in our clients.  The reward for them is our clients’ success.  That is their passion.  As a business owner I cannot ask for anything more than that from our team.

Our clients do not realize this in the beginning of our relationship with them, and we never expect them to.  We know that in the beginning SDB is just another company our clients are doing business with.  We know that you cannot think your way into clients trusting you.  What you do, your actions, delivering on your commitments…that is what gains our clients’ trust.  One of the most fun parts about my job is watching that trust being earned and given to our team by our clients.

This Thanksgiving week and weeks before and in the future I want my team (Lonnie, Kelsie, Lindsey, Michele, and Amanda) to know how much Dedee and I are thankful to have you.  You’re the best, and SDB wouldn’t be the same without you!


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