In the past couple of days, I’ve had a couple of “target audience fails.” What does that even mean, you ask? I’m happy to tell you more.

As you know, this past week was Thanksgiving. Well, in preparation for the big day, I was scrolling through Pinterest for some dessert ideas. I find one I like and visit the site. As I’m scrolling happily along, I notice a banner ad display at the bottom of my phone screen. I look closer to find that it is an ad for a truck accessory company.


Why is this a target audience fail? Think about it. I’m on a baking blog looking at a dessert recipe. Do you think that there are too many people on that blog that have an interest in truck accessories?


So that advertiser’s money is being wasted as it is irrelevant to the person they’ve targeted.

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Here’s another.

This past weekend, I was putting up posters at my gym for a “Turkey Burn” workout. This workout was a group exercise, class format, involving 3 different classes taught by instructors at the gym. It was meant for people who have been considering trying out a group exercise class to have the opportunity to “sample” 3 classes in one class. As I was putting up posters, I was thinking about my target audience (I’m a marketing nerd, I know.)

So what does that mean?

It means that I did not post a poster in the bodybuilding section of the gym (with all the heavy weights and mirrors), nor did I post a poster in the men’s locker room. Do I have anything against those people or men? Absolutely not. I just understood that those people were not my target audience so I didn’t waste a poster on them.


As you can guess, targeting your audience is vital to the success of your advertising. Now that you have an understanding of why it’s important to target an audience, I’d like to tell you how.

Same time, same place, tomorrow.

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