I love Anna Kendrick. She is my celebrity spirit animal. Tiny, mouthy, and slightly awkward, she usually calls it like she sees it. When BuzzFeed posted a list of the funniest things she’s posted to Twitter this year, one tweet stood out to my little inner marketing nerd:targeted marketing

Anna is totally calling out the fact that a marketer totally missed their target audience and didn’t use targeted advertising the right way.

How Targeted Advertising Works

You know your business. A big portion of knowing your business is knowing the type of people who are looking to pay for your product or service. When you choose to market digitally, it’s even more important to understand your customers’ buying behaviors.

Part of your initial consultation with SDB Creative Group is reviewing in-depth the type of consumer you are looking to work with regularly. At that point, our job is to use various mediums to fine tune your marketing strategy.

Think of this analogy: you can cast a massive net over a pond where you think there might be fish to catch…or you can cast a smaller, finer net where you know there are fish to catch.

Don't Let Your Arrows Fly Without A Plan.

Hit The Bullseye With SDB.

What Happens When Targeted Advertising Is Done Incorrectly?

There are various reasons why it’s important to make sure you’ve correctly identified your customer base. If you’re casting too wide of a net (see above fishing example), you’re creating a whole amount of headache due to the law of unintended consequences.

  1. You spend money you shouldn’t. Though I won’t get into the craziness of CTR, CPM, and other digital marketing terminology, each one of those acronyms means you’re spending money. When you target your audience properly, you’re making sure your advertising budget is working to place your product or service in front of the right customers.
  2. You waste time. I like to think of this as the people who hand out samples in a grocery store. Most people are happy to see them and try whatever morsel they’re peddling. However, I’ve often wondered how many people actually buy the full-sized product. Instead of spending time weeding through customers who probably have no interest in what your business offers long-term, you can focus your time on the customers who meet your qualifications.
  3. You risk overexposure. Though the frequency of any advertising message is important, consumers will get irritated if they’re exposed to the same irrelevant message too much. Think of any obnoxious commercial you’ve seen too many times for a product you’ll never buy.
  4. Celebrities make fun of you on Twitter.

If you have questions about how targeted advertising can help your business grow, contact us today. We can help you adjust your advertising to fit your customer base and meet your advertising goals.

And, hey @AnnaKendrick47…tweet me back, please.

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