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Hey, Boss Marketer. Have you had a chance to think about how you #MarketLikeABoss? If not, grab a cup of coffee (preferably in your new mug) and let’s chat about how marketing is like a cup of coffee. It’s time to talk marketing over coffee.

Anytime, Anywhere

Just like coffee, your marketing needs to be readily available. Just like you would swing into Starbucks or the local coffee shop any time of day, your marketing needs to be easily accessible. Mobile marketing is critical. Out of the 5.6 hours consumers spend on devices, 51% of that time is on mobile. If your business can’t be found as easily as a Starbucks in a suburb, you’re missing out on prime exposure.

Just The Way You Like It

No one takes their coffee quite like you do. Maybe you’re a two sugars, no cream person. Perhaps you’re more of a caramel macchiato connoisseur. Possibly you’re a caffeine-heavy espresso fan. Just like your coffee order, your business is completely unique. Your marketing plan is a distinctive combination of “ingredients.” It’s important to find what works for your business.

Hot And Fresh

Cold, stale coffee is nasty. Just like cold, stale content. It’s critical to provide insightful, informative, current content that helps guide your clients toward a buying decision. Now more than ever, consumers conduct their own research prior to a purchase. As a boss marketer, you need to give them a cup of “hot coffee” to help caffeinate their decision.

Get Social Over A Cup

When you want to see your best friend, one of the first suggestions is usually, “Want to meet up for a cup of coffee?” Just like your best buddy coffee dates, you should treat your business marketing the same way: it’s a great chance to socialize. Social media is an excellent way to easily (and inexpensively) connect and communicate with a wide range of customers. Before social media, small to mid-sized businesses used to be locally-based only. However, it’s helped business owners have coffee dates more frequently.

Gotta Have The Mug

When you think about it, your coffee mug is the foundation to your coffee. It’s always there and often overlooked. However, without it, you’re looking at a great big mess. That’s kind of how your website and search engine optimization work for your marketing. While many people see social media, graphics, and video as the bells and whistles, SEO and your website provides solid ground for your entire digital presence. You can have all the gourmet coffee beans and flavored creamers in the world, but without a great mug, you’re can’t get the specialty stuff.

SDB Creative Group wants to be your marketing coffee buddy. It’s really easy.

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