Are you considering taking your marketing online?

Kudos. You’re a smart cookie.

Marketing online is THE way to market your business. When people (your customers) are searching for something, they look online. Are they finding you?

If you’ve read the other 2 “Online Marketing Goal” blogs, you know how to begin your online presence…with a website. A website that is optimized, responsive, and maintained.

What is another tool you can use for creating a prominent online presence?

Believe Us!

Take your marketing online.

Get Social

Do you have social media profiles for your business? If so, do you post to them frequently (daily)? A vital component to marketing online is to create and maintain (consistently) your social media presence.

First, determine which social media profile(s) your business needs to be on. To determine that, find out which social media profiles your target consumer uses. Those are the profiles you need to be on in order to attract them.

Of course, finding out which social media profiles your target consumer uses will take some research. What is the age/gender of your target consumer? What are their behavioral patterns/lifestyle trends? Facebook is almost always a safe bet, but depending on the location you are targeting, you may want to be on Twitter as well. It’s all about being where your customer are and providing them with content they want to see.

If you simply don’t want to do the research it takes to determine the social media you should be on, you’re in luck. We want to do it for you! If you really don’t want to create and maintain your profiles, you’re REALLY in luck. We want to do that too!

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