Yesterday, we discussed my latest adventure: finding the right choice out of all the task management apps available out there. It was surprisingly more difficult than I’d originally thought after years of utilizing the iOS version called Reminders. So here we are with Part 2!

Just to briefly recap my requirements: (1) Ability to create multiple task lists; (2) allows multi-platform interface [MacBook, iPad, and iPhone compatibility]; and (3) color coding capabilities, so I can view everything at a glance.

Note: I am writing these reviews in the order I tried them. I have also NOT been compensated in any shape, form, or fashion for my honest product reviews.

Contender #2 – Wunderlist

Task Management Apps

Wunderlist = We’re getting warmer!

Any to-do app search will come up with Wunderlist. This app has rave reviews on both the iOS and Mac App stores (5 stars!). I’d previously downloaded it but hadn’t actually used it yet.


  • It’s incredibly user-friendly, including setting up recurring reminders. I didn’t have any of the same issues I encountered with Nozbe as far as duplicating items, either.
  • The background and layout is just pretty. I chose a relaxing blue. It’s kind of like looking at an ocean…or perhaps I’m just a day dreamer.
  • Adding priority items can be completed in a snap! All you have to do is tap the star and voila! You’ve got a priority task!


  • Instead of being organized by time due (e.g. – Breakfast 8am, Conference Call 8:30am, Take walking break 9:30am), the app would only organize itself by time according to the category. Wunderlist properly sorted each category alphabetically, then it sorted tasks by time. So, on the lock screen of my phone, I would never be able to tell which event was coming up next chronologically. I liked the app so much I emailed their CS team…and the rep who responded told me that my issue was the one complaint he has with the program. Baggggh!
  • No color coding option *sigh*


I wish, wish, wish this app had worked for me. Truly. However, not being able to organize chronological events while on the go is kind of a kick in the pants.

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Contender #3 – Todoist

Task Management Apps

Todoist = WINNER

I was initially put off by Todoist‘s less than stellar reviews (averaging only 3/5 stars) on Apple’s App store. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work out well for me, but like Obi-Wan Kenobi, it was kind of my only hope.


  • Hurray!!! There are lots of color choices!!
  • This app is pretty fantastic. Instead of manually choosing a time, date, and recurrence, you just type it in. For example, I could type in “Pick up dog treats at 6pm tomorrow” and Todoist instinctively adds the reminder. It’s a really intuitive featured that I’m LOVING. However…you have to upgrade to get the reminder option. Bummer. I paid for and planned to cancel my subscription for a refund if I hated it.
  • The app is perfect for Google users. You can also link to several outside apps like Maps and Evernote with relatively seamless integration.
  • Their help site is easy to navigate…I haven’t had to contact CS yet!


  • In order to enable some of the features I wanted (reminders, especially for recurring apps), you have to upgrade to premium. However, it’s only $28.99/annually. For less than $2.50 per month, I can forgo a coffee at Starbucks.
  • Using the right language for the intuitive typing takes a little getting used to at first. It can be difficult if you’re setting up more complicated tasks such as “create invoices quarterly starting on July 1st at 8pm.”
  • The text function on iPhone and iPad app skips sometimes. Instead of “set up meeting at 8am” it will end up reading “set umeetingp at 8.” This could honestly be user error, too…I just don’t know how it’s happening.


Winner winner, chicken dinner.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little review on task management apps. I find it’s really important to stay on top of my day. Whichever app you choose, we suggest finding one that works well for your lifestyle and business.

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