Last week, the entire content team shared our favorite business tips to make your life a lot more productive. After we finished our blog series, I started to realize how much I utilize my iOS reminder app…and how badly it actually works. So I started off on my quest to take task management apps to task by trying three different applications to see which on best fit my needs.

My requirements are simple: (1) Multiple task lists; (2) multi-platform interface [MacBook, iPad, and iPhone compatibility]; and (3) color coding, because I’m a notoriously visual person.

Note: I am writing these reviews in the order I tried them. I have also NOT been compensated in any shape, form, or fashion for my honest product reviews.

Current App: iOS Reminders

iOS Reminders = Replacement time

iOS Reminders = Replacement time

This is Apple’s built-in reminder app. It’s nothing fancy and best of all…it’s free! However, it’s proven itself time and time again to be sporadically unreliable. My two biggest examples are:

  1. Time Zones – As you know, I’m a big traveler. I often travel to different time zones, sometimes even out of the country. The Reminders app gets all wonky and can’t seem to follow along with the time changes, no matter how many settings adjustments I made.
  2. Random Resets – The app would arbitrarily default to 12am, which would wake me up in the middle of the night reminding me to clean the litter box. NOPE!

Consequently, these little bugs made me decide to look elsewhere. It’s incredibly frustrating to make constant edits to something which *should* be a relative no-brainer.


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Contender #1 – Nozbe

Task Management Apps

Nozbe = So much potential but fell short

I was really excited to try Nozbe. On first glance, it appears to meet all of the criteria I’m looking for in a task management app.

  • The ability to create multiple, color-coded task categories…complete with individual little icons! For instance, I chose a thumbs up for my Daily Motivation category and an airplane for travel.
  • It’s F-R-E-E! There is a paid upgrade version for professionals which allows multiple users to collaborate on projects.
  • There’s an iOS widget where the app will show up on my home screen.


  • While the customer service was responsive, I believe the team is in Europe. For the most part, they were working while I was sleeping (and vice versa), so there was a very short window of communication time available. I contacted them in the first place because I kept seeing single tasks duplicated for some reason, and it took the CS team and I a few emails to coordinate/correct the problem.
  • There seem to be some bugs, particularly for daily recurring tasks. If you forget to click on a task the day it’s due, it may not reappear in your list for another 24 hours.

Nozbe has potential but I think it’s geared more towards small business collaboration projects. It has many amazing bells and whistles but the repeating task function was the deal-killer for me. I think if the kinks I mentioned could be worked out, I would have likely kept the app.

Check back tomorrow for my final two product reviews…and to learn which app I ultimately ended up keeping!

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