If you know me or if you’ve read my Super Bowl blogs in the past, you know that I watch The Super Bowl for 2 reasons and 2 reasons only:

Commercials and halftime

While I did have a few favorite commercials and I thought Lady Gaga did a phenomenon like job, my favorite part of the entire Super Bowl was what happened in the moments before and after the halftime show.

Did you notice the spectacular “light” display, first arranging themselves in  shooting stars, an American flag and then in Pepsi logo?

I thought it was pretty impressive. I found it even more impressive that those twinkling “lights” were actually drones, supplied by Intel Drones.

Come to find out, the drone shoot was actually prerecorded (due to unknown conditions, such as weather), filmed over several days.

See what one of Intel Drones’ top people, Natalie Cheung, had to say:

“We were on site for nine days, so we got the proper waivers to fly in Class C airspace up to 700 feet,” Cheung said. “We got the waivers to do this at night with multiple drones per pilot through the FAA. We were testing out our drones, tweaking our animations throughout this whole process, and we filmed for one night, and it was perfect.”

Boy was it. In my opinion, the drone display was the highlight of Gaga’s performance. Cheung continues about the use of drones:

“It’s a different way of merging art and technology, which I think a lot of people haven’t seen. We started this effort maybe a year and a half ago, and it started with 100 drones in the sky and showed a simple Intel logo. We caught on pretty quickly that this was more than just fireworks. It could be branding in the sky…or an artistic event. There’s a lot of different ways that people could utilize this. The Disney team we worked with used it as a theme park attraction. The Super Bowl team utilized it as a way to emphasize and express Lady Gaga’s music. … It can create and mean many different things.”

Why do you think the drone display was such a hit? It was different! Utilizing technology in a way that we’ve never seen before. How does this apply to your marketing? Don’t be afraid to do something new or take your own marketing to new heights. We think you’ll be glad you did.

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