Quality Or Convenience? THAT Is The Question

Do people nowadays prefer convenience or quality? Or can it be both?

Last night I was at dinner with some family. We had just finished our meals and the topic of dessert came up. The waiter brought over the dessert menu and everyone had a look. Then Bananas Foster was brought up. Now, I love my desserts but let me tell you I LOVE my Bananas Foster. If you’ve never had it…wow, just wow.

Almost immediately someone at the table spatted off, “How much is it?” The dessert was  $12. “No way, we can make it for way cheaper and it would taste better,” was inevitably the answer. Me, who is a huge fan of the dessert and NOT a huge fan of kitchen cleanups, was rather excited to hear that my favorite dessert was a mere $12. And that got me thinking…What do most people prefer? Quality…or convenience?

I Ask Again

In a recent study from Consumer Reports, when it comes to food, Millennials actually seek quality. But does this transfer over to other aspects of their life as well? While sometimes I, a Millennial, enjoy quality food, service, entertainment, etc., convenience is hard to beat. Could you be giving your Millennial customers the best of both worlds?

Give Your Customers Both

When it comes to service, quality is king, and convenience is a close second. When it comes to requesting quotes, filling out information, or even leaving a review, this is where convenience takes over. There’s a place for both but the fact is, they both have to exist and be ever so present to your customers.

SDB Can Help

SDB Creative Group can give your customers quality AND convenience by making their online experience and simple and seamless as possible! Give us a call today and let’s get in touch!

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