If you’re like the majority of the nation (approximately 100 million), you watched the Super Bowl last weekend. Personally, the Super Bowl is the only football game I watch all season. Why? The commercials, of course! My favorite Super Bowl commercial this year was for Chevy, advertising their new Wi-Fi feature. The reason this commercial caught my attention was because, well, it got my attention (and the football crazed men I was watching it with).

If you didn’t catch the commercial, watch it here.

So, let me set the scene for you. We’re devouring our pizza while waiting for kickoff. Our eyes are on the TV, the volume blaring and zap! Our TV screen cuts out, the sound stops and our screen goes black. WHAT?!

Break Through The Noise With Your Marketing Strategy

After a quick screaming fit, we soon realize it’s only a commercial. *phew* But guess what? That commercial got my attention and I actually remember what the commercial was advertising. As a girl (not particularly interested in trucks), I would’ve NEVER paid any attention to a Chevy commercial. But this time, I did. And I can tell you that new Chevys now have LTE Wi-Fi in their trucks. The commercial worked. Why? Because it broke through the noise and got my attention.

When developing your marketing strategy, remember that commercial and why it was effective. It differentiated itself from all the (sad, sappy, tear jerking) other commercials and left an impression. What can you do to differentiate yourself and cut though the noise? These days, the marketing channel is blocked with a ton of other advertisers, sending (generally) the same message. “Buy this, call us, give us your money!” While you, too, may want those things for your business, it’s important to stand out above the crowd. Find what makes your business different and capitalize on that. Need help getting started? You’re in luck, you’ve come to the right place. Fill out the form below and one of our marketing strategists will contact you. Or, give us a call at 432-218-6736!

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