Two. More. Days

Here we are, two days away from the biggest day in football…the Super Bowl. This year’s Super Bowl LI will be held in our very own Lone Star State! So while Houston gets ready for the Sunday showdown, let’s read up on some Super Bowl LI facts that will get you ready for the big game!

Facts By Numbers

5 Million Dollars Average cost of 30-second Super Bowl ad space

1 Million Number of people expected to attend the big day in Houston

Number of times Houston, TX has hosted the Super Bowl

2 Million Amount of pizzas Pizza Hut expects to sell on game day

1.23 Billion Amount of chicken wings Americans are expected to eat Sunday

8 Million Pounds Amount of guacamole expected to be consumed by Americans

9 Times the Patriots have appeared in the Super Bowl

2 Times the Falcons have appeared in the Super Bowl

$5,2016 Average price of this year’s Super Bowl ticket

60 Million Number of people who discussed last year’s Super Bowl live on Facebook

200 Million Number of posts, comments, and likes during last year’s game

So What Did We Learn

As you can see, the Super Bowl puts up some big numbers! Your company may not be paying the big bucks for one of those 5 Million dollar ad spots, but there is still major opportunities to connect with your audience this Sunday. So what did we learn here today? We learned to make your brand visible this Super Bowl Sunday, that tickets were outrageously expensive, Americans eat way too much food on this day, and it’s going to be quite a game.

So good luck Patriots & Falcons! May the odds be ever in your favor. 


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