The Super Bowl.

But no, I don’t watch football (in fact, I just “Googled” if Super Bowl was one word or two).

So why do I care anything about the Super Bowl? The commercials, of course! We’re giving you a quick preview of the ads you’ll see this year…ones you’ll love, ones you’ll hate, and ones you’ll love to hate. Check them out!

Super Bowl Commerical Review:

1. Pizza Hut-Featuring Rex Ryan and Tony Romo (barely-with 2 words), Pizza Hut is advertising their new 10 crust flavors. Ehh, not exactly memorable, but not exactly horrible either.

2. GoDaddy-Speaking of horrible, GoDaddy achieved it with their “Journey Home” commercial. So horrible, in fact, that GoDaddy has chosen not to run the ad. In case you didn’t catch it, basically, an adorable little puppy finds his way home after falling out of a breeder’s truck. After the journey home, he is hauled off because the breeder announces he’s been sold on a website she built with GoDaddy. I’m not offended by inappropriate animal transportation or breeding regulations like some, I just think the commercial is a waste of time…and kind of depressing. Fear not! GoDaddy has a plan B that they’ll be airing with the hope to “make you laugh.” We’ll see.

3. Budweiser-LOVE! Budweiser has done it again. This year, the same puppy from last year gets lost but is rescued (after a scary encounter) and comes home! It’s a “feel good” commercial that is sure to put a smile on your face. Way to go, Budweiser.

4. BMW-Featuring past Today Show anchors Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel, this commercial is highlighting the mystery behind BMW’s all electric, i3. BMW plays on the 1994 segment of Couric and Gumbel discussing the world wide revolution known as the “internet.” Cute and funny.

5. Geico-Maybe some people will find this little old man to be funny and stylish reppin’ all his swag…however, I am not one of those people. It was a little funny the first 10 seconds, but really lost its humor after 54 seconds. But, he did save 15% on his car insurance. So that’s nice.

6. T-Mobile-Last but not least, my favorite! Kim Kardashian-West discusses the importance of “lost data” and how you’ll be missing all the oh so exciting moments of her reality star life. This may fall into the “love to hate” category for most people. I loved it, but my “basic” nature and love for all things Kardashian may have something to do with that.

There ya go! Now you know which commercials to watch (and which ones you can use for a snack break). If you’re like me (and the majority of the population), the Super Bowl is one of the only times of the year I actually watch a commercial. Which brings me to my next point.

Are you wasting time, money, and effort on creating commercials and placing media? Sure, commercials have their place (in the Super Bowl) and were once an integral part of a marketing plan. Well, times are changing. Your marketing plan needs to, too!

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Go team!

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