In the wonderful world of digital marketing, there are many facets that prove to be a “must-have” in your marketing plan. You can’t go without fresh content, social media management, or digital advertising. But one other facet that sometimes is underestimated is the power of email marketing. But how do you go about creating a successful email for your customers? How do you create something that won’t just be deleted? Let’s discuss what makes a successful email!


These emails have to go somewhere. The first step is to have meaningful lists. Once you have generated a solid list whether it is a list of leads, current customers or local organizations, you’re one step closer to powerful email marketing.


The next item on the checklist is content. You can’t expect your recipients to read through, let alone take action on an email with uninteresting content. Pump your email full of relevant and interesting content that is informative, provides a call to action, and can be read quickly.

Subject Line

So you’ve got your lists and your content. The next step is a compelling subject line. The trick to writing a superior subject line is simple: make them want to read more.Give your audience enough information about what the email represents, but leave them wondering. For example: These Are Office Mistakes You DO NOT Want To Make… Let your audience know they will learn something with this email. Something they can’t afford not to read.


Now comes the fun part…the look! People respond well to images. Emails that are more image-heavy tend to be read longer and end up being more successful. Find or create graphics that are relevant to your message and make your email aesthetically pleasing to your readers.


We recommend emailing your audience no more than two or three times each month. You want to avoid over communicating and thus seeing a dropping number of subscribers. Make them look forward to your awesome email instead of dread it!

Don’t Be Just Any Another Email In The Inbox.

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