The struggle is real. This is what “pops” up when you put in website design in Google.

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We all know that just about anyone can become a website designer. With the use of some “free” templates, a website can be created by simply “dragging and dropping”. If you are someone that wants to get their website up and running for CHEAP you will be tempted to jump at the chance to save a little cash for a quick fix on your website. However, you need to be cautious when picking out a web designer or doing it yourself.


Let’s say you call the first company that pops up on your Google search for a web designer to construct your new company website. Great, they agree with everything you need and start working. Well… there are several ways this can pan out:


  1. You get a website that has nothing to do with what you asked for, and you try and calling them with little communication in return. Now you have wasted your time and will need to start over with another company or designer.
  2. You take a look at your new website and it is as basic as a white piece of paper, because it was a template that has been used for 100’s of businesses. This website does nothing to differentiate you from your competitor or establish credibility with your buyer. Again, a waste of time.
  3. Your website designer is on a completely different side of the world and you can’t understand his/her broken English. This leads to communication problems which in turn leads to website design problems. This makes the process take longer, and the end result is always one of “I guess, it’s better than nothing” in desperation to be done. Not a good plan!
  4. Your website is not optimized, because “you get what you pay for” and no extras will be done on a cheap or free site. Quite frankly, your new website will never be seen if it’s not optimized.
  5. Or by some miracle at the end of a rainbow, they actually accomplished everything you were looking for. This is very rare let me warn you!


  1. You get bogged down by the complexity of website design. You know it needs more but simply don’t have the tools to make it work.
  2. Your website isn’t fully optimized because you don’t understand SEO, algorithms, key words, tags, and other key components of website design.
  3. Since, you don’t understand optimization of websites, your site won’t be seen and all of that work will be for nothing.
  4. It never gets completed because you have a business to run and it’s hard to learn how to properly build a website. I mean people go to college just for website design. It’s not as easy as it looks…is it?
  5. Or by some miracle at the end of the rainbow, you did it! You have a fully optimized, custom website that is bringing in leads and money to your business. Again, this is very rare.


When it comes to website design, don’t be fooled! A rule of thumb in website design is, you will get out of your website what you put into your website. I would guess that there aren’t many successful companies that have “free” site working for them. Do your research and hire a company to build a website that establishes you as the expert in your field and will bring leads to your business. This is NOT the place to be skimp on your business. Cheap business cards or smaller listing in the yellow pages are ways to cut cost on your marketing budget, but don’t do it, no matter how tempting with your website. Make sure to meet/talk with your designer personally so they know exactly what you are looking for in a website, and to make sure you are on the same page and a part of the decision process, saving both time and money in the long run.


We want to make sure you feel a part of the team. We want to see your company succeed!

This is why we make the extra effort to insure your website is exactly what you were envisioning. Don’t have an idea as to what you want in a company website? No worries! We have a team of website designers ready to offer you their best creative work. With multiple choices and collaborative work, we’ll be sure you get the perfect website that fits your company like a glove and starts making you money!

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