Most of us made a New Year’s resolution for ourselves but did we for our businesses too? We did and will share our New Year’s resolutions for our business in the next couple of weeks. We hope that they will help you create some steps for success in 2013 with your business, too. As we focus on one resolution each week and ask you to think about others that you could make to grow your business this year and share them with us on our Facebook page. The last week we will take all of the suggestions and list them. I bet together, we will give each other some great ideas on how to grow our business in 2013.

This brings us to number one…
New Year’s Resolution Number One: Start by focusing our business on giving. I know you are thinking “great, now I have to give to every organization that knocks on our doors, how’s that going to grow our business?” It is always good to be charitable, and we believe that the good you give, you will always get back, but that isn’t the giving we are talking about here. We are committed to give our clients our attention. We don’t want to just “sell them” but to become a partner with them. We want to give them our heart and minds and hopefully win theirs in the process!

Next week, we will share with you our second resolution for 2013. Don’t forget to go to our Facebook page and share with us your own business resolutions. We want to hear them and will compile them at the end of the month and share with everyone. Best of luck in 2013, and may you and your business have a very productive and prosperous year!

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