Yesterday, I talked about my trip to NYC and how I was able to view the bright lights and the big city from an advertiser’s perspective. I discussed the importance of standing out with advertising, but that you don’t have to have the biggest budget to do it. Let’s continue, shall we?

First, let’s begin with the key to standing out with advertising (or really just standing out in general): being seen. That’s step one.

You have to be seen to stand out. But how can you guarantee you’ll be seen?

Step 2: you have to get in front of your customers. However, to do this, you must find out where your customers are. This takes a bit of research, but I can tell you a safe bet.

(Wait for it.)

You and I aren’t advertising in NYC. We aren’t fighting for attention with the brightest screens or the biggest billboards. Our advertising strategy is a bit different. (Thank goodness.)

Carry on.

STAND OUT With Your Advertising!

We'll tell you how!

A safe bet as to where your customers are?

I would put money on the fact that the majority of your target consumers are using the Internet. And guess what? Advertising on the Internet not only puts you in front of your customers, but it also shows that you’re a relevant source of information.

But how can you stand out online with a limited budget? We aren’t talking NYC money here!

There is such a variety of online advertising platforms you can create a presence on. Step 3 is all about developing content that your customers WANT to see. What do they see value in? How can you relate that back to your product or service? Answer those questions and you’re on your way to advertising online. But wait!

It takes more than that…

…which is what we’ll be covering tomorrow.

Don’t worry, it will be worth the wait!

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