There is one common question that all companies have when planning their marketing.  It doesn’t matter what medium they are using.  The question is always, “How can we make ourselves stand out?”  It is one of the most important questions you should continually ask regarding not only your marketing but all aspects of your operation.

Develop Your Marketing From Your Clients’ Perspective

Research from Chet Holmes International suggests that we are exposed to over 35,000 messages daily. Your message can quickly be drowned out.  The biggest mistake I see companies make with their marketing is talking only about their company.  Avoid this like the plague.  Do you know what the greatest sound is to anyone’s ears?  It is their own voice.  People like to be courted.  They want to be recognized, appreciated.  They really could care less about you.  What they care about is how you can make their lives better and easier.  When your marketing speaks from your customer’s shoes you have jumped ahead of 95% of your competition.

Boring Marketing — It’s Not Allowed

You can get anyone’s attention for a second, but you have to be entertaining to keep it.  Comedy, beauty, sex appeal, weirdness, drama.  Whatever direction your creative goes, it needs to be good.  Think about your own experience.  Can you still hear “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” sung to you when someone says that or mentions it?  Have you laughed at “Mayhem from Allstate” who uses comedy to illustrate how easy it is to experience a loss?  Don’t let your marketing be boring.  Take the time to develop it properly.  You may have the resources available in-house, or you may need to seek expert advice.  You will have to spend money to have it produced.  But if it makes you stand out, isn’t it worth it?  Yes!

Promote it

This should seem obvious, but for many it’s not.  You can have great creative developed from your clients’ perspective, but if they don’t see it, guess what?  You’re not going to stand out.  In your research and development for your creative message you should also be identifying the top media available to reach your target.  You need to find out how much it is going to cost you to effectively reach this group over an extended period of time.  By an extended period of time, I’m talking about a minimum of one year.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  We say that a lot here, and it’s true.  You have to be committed to doing this continually.  Geico, Allstate, McDonalds, Ford, GM, Coca-Cola.  Do you ever see them stop marketing?  No.  They market around the clock because it works.  You can do the same thing on a smaller scale.

Now it’s time for you to evaluate your message and start standing out.  If you get stuck or have any questions, drop us a line.  We are always glad to help! Need help assessing your marketing needs? Contact us HERE or by clicking the image below!

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