Are you wearing green today? We’re here to share a few fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day marketing facts to get you in the spirit.

St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Facts

  • Even though it’s named after a Catholic saint, St. Patrick’s Day is a national, not a religious, holiday in Ireland.
  • Every year, $4.14 billion is spent celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Beer alone accounts for $245 million of that figure.
  • Each leaf of a four-leaf clover, which the Irish call a shamrock, has a special meaning: faith, hope, love, and (of course) luck.
  • What are your chances of finding a coveted four-leaf clover? 1 in 10,000. Unfortunately, luck isn’t in your favor for this one. You have a better chance at winning at roulette.
  • The United States has a very high population of people with Irish heritage. In fact, there are approximately 7 time more people with Irish roots in the U.S. than there are actual people living in Ireland.
  • Each year, the city of Chicago dyes the Chicago River green…using 40 pounds of vegetable dye. The effect lasts around 5 hours and is considered harmless to the environment.
    • Additional Chicago River Fun Fact: The practice started out as an accident when a plumber used fluorescein dye to identify pollution sources in the river. However, more than 50 years later, the local plumbers union still sponsors the annual St. Patrick’s Day river dyeing. Talk about great PR!
  • Technically, green isn’t St. Patrick’s official color. Originally, he was thought to wear a light shade of blue. However, the holiday became associated with the Irish independence movement in the 18th century and switched to green.
  • Historically, St. Patrick is credited for “removing” the snakes from Ireland. However, this is probably more of a metaphor, as Ireland is too cold to serve as a hospitable home for any reptile.

Though many of the traditions and current symbols don’t have anything to do with the origins of this holiday, we hope these St. Patrick’s Day marketing facts have entertained you! The holiday is a marketing dream. If you’re looking for a little luck o’ the Irish to boost your marketing efforts, contact the leprechauns at SDB Creative Group.

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