If you’re an avid social media user (all of us at SDB are, obviously), you’re aware that it’s a great medium for interaction. Click on any national news story and  you’ll see hundreds of comments. Ever noticed that the top comment seems to garner the most attention? Some companies are now vying for that spot, saying it’s a new wave of SEO. But seriously: how important is the top comment?

Since When Is The Top Comment A Thing?

Two words: Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, our current president is a social media junkie. His Twitter presence has become a source of ire and entertainment for most Americans. Recently, BuzzFeed posted an article that caught my attention. Presently, there is a new group of journalists and bloggers that are using the Chief Executive’s habitual tweeting as a means to expand their influence.

Regardless of how you feel about Trump (or BuzzFeed, for that matter), the topic is incredibly interesting. Sure, there are always going to be trolls, but what if legitimate conversation and interaction not only helps your cause…but helps to build your brand, too?

How It Works

Essentially, these are the basics of how these writers are creating an opportunity for brand advancement on Twitter:

  1. Writers are able to land thought-provoking, engaging commentary near the top of the comment feed.
  2. Due to Twitter’s algorithm, top comments are usually based on engagement.
  3. As the comments see increased engagement, they “naturally” appear in the top of the thread.

What Does This Mean For Top Comment Racers?

Think of it as free publicity. If you’re a top comment on a particularly, ummm,  “popular” tweet, it’s highly likely writers will see their comment on news outlets. Brand makers might also see an increase in website visits and social media interaction. Some are even considering the race to the top of the comment thread a new form of SEO.

“It really is almost like an SEO strategy now. If you can get that prime real estate, it’s worth millions of views.” -Philip Lewis

Is It Worth My Time?

Honestly, I’m still forming an opinion. The actual data (per the article) is pretty vague regarding quality leads/interactions. It also seems like it’s incredibly competitive and time-intensive.

At this point, I don’t think racing for the top comment will ever replace quality SEO work. Counting on a crapshoot like commentary threads as a main source of SEO seems pretty risky. If you’re a gambler, there’s no harm in trying it out…especially if you’ve got the time. However, don’t skimp out on the old-fashioned SEO tactics to continue bringing in qualified leads for your brand.

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