By now, I’m sure you’ve read all about what happened to Kim Kardashian during her trip to Paris. Whether or not you’re a fan of her or family, what happened to her was horrible. However, one point was obvious in my mind. In keeping up with her brand image, her extensive social media use could have very easily played a role in the robbery. It triggered two questions for me: (1) Can you expect privacy when you’re running your own company? (2) Is it possible to have social media security as a business?

Location, Location, Location

The world is going mobile. And people LOVE to let you know what they’re doing. As a business, it’s important to inform, educate, and entertain your customer base. Social media is often an inexpensive and expansive way to do all three of those things. However, disclosing your whereabouts through location services can be tricky as a business. There are certain things you want to do, such as check into your shop or promote that you’re attending a charity event.

However, if you office out of your home, it can feel “off” to allow access to your location or to sign up for Google My Business. If you’re ever anxious about something, toggle “off” for location settings.

You Don’t Have To Post Everything

social media security as a business.

Use social media with caution as a business.

While traveling to New Orleans last week (yes, I know…I can’t help it), I was SO tempted to use Instagram to capture the image of the beautiful, handwritten anniversary card left for us by the hotel staff. However, upon closer inspection, our names and the hotel information would have been clearly visible in the post. I opted to wait until we checked out to upload it. One of the reasons behind doing that is I value my privacy and I don’t want to risk a security breach (theft or financial, mostly).

Listen To Your Gut

Another reason I didn’t post the card was it just didn’t “feel” right. There was a nagging little voice just telling me to wait.

(no, I don’t always listen to the voices in my head)

If you’re ever concerned about your safety, being alone or otherwise, it’s better to skip the social media post if there’s even an off chance someone with bad intentions drifts by. Don’t upload your every move.

SDB Creative Group works with you to make sure your privacy is protected and you’re still actively participating in the social media game. We understand how fine of a line it is between being a social media leader and knowing when to play it safe.

Are You Safe AND Social Media Savvy?

SDB Simplifies Security For Peace Of Mind.
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