The last few weeks have been pretty busy for social media announcements. Lots of new features and milestones have made their way to different news outlets. SDB is here today with some social media news for summer 2016!

Facebook Live

Social Media News For Summer 2016

Chewbacca Mom

By now, everyone has heard of Candace Payne, the mother from Grand Prairie, Texas, and her Chewbacca mask. She originally posted it onto her page to share her amusement in the simpler things in life. She’s stated several times that she never expected her video to become viral. In fact, as of May 27th, it’s been viewed over 150 million times. And she’s got Facebook Live to thank for it!

Facebook Live is a relatively new to the marketplace, but it’s gaining a lot of traction. You simply record and display your video in real time. No editing, no changes. Simple! Tons of companies are utilizing it, including BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, and the New York Times. Ask us more how this can benefit your business!

Facebook Shops

Shopping + Facebook = Facebook Shops

While originally announced in late 2015, Facebook is now offering a shopping option! The in-app purchase tool was created to become a one-stop shop, allowing users to purchase without ever leaving the Facebook app. It’s also a great way for businesses to compete with others sites such as Etsy or Amazon’s new Handmade site.

Snapchat Series F Announcement

Social Media News for Summer 2016

Snapchat is banking.

On May 26th, Snapchat’s SEC filing announced that they had raised $1.8 billion in their most recent Series F. While we’re not in the business of financial advice, we do know that the more money that comes in means that there’s more money for R&D…which, in turn, means there is a high likelihood that you’ll see new features coming soon!

Twitter Is Letting You Say More

Social Media News For Summer 2016

Twitter now lets you say even more!

Well, kind of. Twitter announced several changes to their protocol. Since its inception, Twitter has only allowed users 140 characters…that made retweeting and adding attachments (even with shortened URLs) space hoggers. But the social media giant is working on a new system that eliminates those rules, allowing you to post retweets, links, and replies without impacting your 140 character max. It (almost) makes us speechless. Our only question is…what took them so long!

The team at SDB Creative Group is proud to keep up with news and trend in social media. It’s just another great way we stay on top of the latest for our customers.

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