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What first comes to mind upon hearing social media marketing? For some, it’s keeping in touch with old and new friends, for others it’s sharing pictures of grandkids, and still others, it’s fake news.
While none of those things are wrong, social media marketing is about more than just sharing photos or keeping in touch. Or politics.
It’s a perfect opportunity to market your business.
Let’s continue, shall we?


Think about it. Your customers, both potential and current, are using social media hours a week (sometimes even hours a day). If your business isn’t using social media, you’re the one missing out. And guess what?
They’re talking about you.
That’s right, your customers are talking about you. Whether it’s rave reviews or harsh criticism, you need to be there to see it. You see, social media may be an opportunity for advertising, but it’s a platform for public relations as well.


You’ll find the most successful businesses are the ones that are customer-oriented. Listen to your customers and implement changes to your business based on what they say. Even if you get negative feedback (it happens to everyone), respond not only to the person leaving the feedback but also to the people who are reading the feedback. Use negative remarks and reviews as an opportunity to make your business shine.
In addition to hearing what your customers have to say, it’s important to be relevant in the eyes of your customer. If someone can’t find you on social media, they’ll skip over you and go to the business they can find. More than likely, this will be your competitor. Utilizing social media marketing is a way to be seen as relevant and trustworthy.


Social media marketing is a small, but important, part of a bigger online marketing puzzle to ensure you’re found online. These days, the Internet is where people go when they need something, plain and simple. If someone searches for you, will you be found?
If you are found online, will you be chosen? The content shared from your social media marketing efforts could be a determining factor. That’s why it’s so important to create and maintain a dominant presence on social media.


How do you get started with social media marketing? Which social platforms does your business need to be on? What kind of content needs to be shared and when? Let us answer those questions and more! We want to team up with you to develop and implement a social media marketing plan that fits into an overall online marketing strategy. Contact the social savvy team at SDB Creative Group today!