Believe it or not, social media isn’t just for seeing pictures of other people’s vacations and watching cat videos…

This week, we are giving you ways you can increase customer satisfaction with social media marketing. Yesterday, we discussed how you can (should) respond to customer’s questions, concerns, comments, complaints, etc. that are posted on social media in an attempt to increase the overall satisfaction of your customers.

Whether your customers realize it or not, they like to work with a business they feel is relatable. That means a business that knows and satisfies their need…a business they can form a relationship with.

Make Your Brand Real & Relatable!

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2. Be Real & Relatable

Social media marketing is just the way to do that. Give your followers a sense of your own personality. Post inspirational quotes and ideas. Share videos or articles that are related to your brand without being promotional. Along the same lines, don’t ever use social media channels to “sell” or pressure your customers into buying your product or service. People are on social media to have fun or relax, not to be hard sold. In fact, that’s a perfect way to lose your following.

Like we said yesterday, social media marketing can be extremely effective. However, that’s only if it’s done correctly and consistently. If it’s not, it can actually work against your brand.

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