You know what I love?

A good deal.

Just the other day, I claimed a promotional code on a purchase and saved FIFTY DOLLARS…all for subscribing to the company’s newsletter! And actually, I’m looking forward to tomorrow because the same company is releasing exclusive information about their new product.

In fact, if I’m being honest, I’ll probably check their page several times throughout the day.

5. Keep Your Followers Informed

And guess what? I’m not the only one social media obsessed. Social media marketing is an incredible opportunity that you should take advantage of TODAY.

Keep Your Customers Informed!

With social media, you can!

Social media is the perfect way to keep your followers informed of various promotions you offer. (Making them “social media exclusive” isn’t a bad idea either.) It gives them an incentive to follow your page and maybe even promote it themselves!

Using “teasers” is another great way to utilize social media marketing to keep your followers informed. For example, for the “news” I’m expecting tomorrow, I’ve probably seen 3-5 teasers this past week. That not only informs me that there is something exciting to come, but it also reminds me if I already knew. That company does a great job with social media marketing and keeping a “top of the mind” awareness in the minds of their customers.

Get Started!

This concludes this week’s series on “Social Media Satisfaction.” If you missed any, catch up here! So what’s stopping you? Get started today! Social media marketing isn’t going anywhere, so now is the time to create a social presence if you don’t have one already. If you do have one, utilize it in a way that satisfies your customers! For more information on this, or any other marketing need, contact us by submitting the form above!

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