This week, we are giving you tips to increase customer satisfaction using social media.

We’ve discussed topics from addressing customer concerns to making your brand real and relatable…all with nothing but your social presence! But today we are discussing a topic that is sure to satisfy your customers…with one word.

4. Grow Your Social Following With FREE

Yep, you guessed it! The magic word. Free.

Did you know you can quickly and easily grow your social following and increase the satisfaction of your consumers by offering something for free? No, it doesn’t have to actually be the product or service you offer. It can be something simply related to the interests of your target consumer. (Looking to target men? Game tickets. Women? Gift certificate for a spa day, or a D.I.Y. spa kit) It can be anything that would attract the attention of your consumer. Age and lifestyle should be taken into consideration.

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It’s simple! Share your offer over all your social media platforms. Make the instructions for entry easy to understand and something a person can do in less than 20 seconds. Content (instructions) should be about 20% and an image should be the remaining 80%. For example, “Like our page and share this status for your chance to win the ultimate getaway spa package!” Follow that post with an image of the actual offer itself with your logo somewhere on the image. Consider putting some money to run it as an ad for optimum exposure.

And just like that, you grow your social following with a word that gets everyone’s attention (free). Let us help you get started today! Contact us by submitting the form above.

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