This week, we are giving you specific ways to increase the satisfaction of your customers using social media marketing.

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Have you ever been in a position where you were curious about the thoughts of your customers towards a something specific? You can easily use social media marketing to get your answer! However, I said “specific,” because that’s very important. If you ask a question that is too broad or general, you probably won’t get the sort of answers you’re looking for. Make it a question that’s easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to respond to.

(Be warned. Sometimes, asking questions on social media opens up an area for people to be negative. However, see our blog we posted Monday on how to deal with that negativity.)

Want Feedback?

Get it on social media!

3. Get Feedback

So give it a try! Next time you have a question for your customers, post it to social media. You can even do it in a poll format and give them an A, B or C option.

For example: “We want to hear from you! When you need customer service, do you prefer: A) Talk to a person B) Find your answer online C) Immediate response via online chat?”

The majority of responses to the question above may help you to develop your customer service strategy.

Not only do you get information from this, but it also shows your customers that you care what they think. You always want to make your customers feel like you take their needs/wants into consideration when developing your product, service, or strategy.

There you have it! Just another way to improve customer satisfaction with social media! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s tip! In the meantime, contact us for any questions you may have by submitting the form above.

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