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Perhaps you’re an ice cream purist…no toppings. Well, this page still applies to you. Why? Because even if you don’t like whipped cream, cherries, or hot fudge, you have to admit: sprinkles do make ice cream *POP*! That’s exactly what social media can do for your business. Read on for more on how social media is like sprinkles on ice cream.

Sweeten Up Your Business With Social Media

Your website is an amazing foundation. It’s a touchstone for your business. However, social media is more instantaneous. Having a flash sale? Instead of creating an entire web page on you site, advertise it on social media. Closing early for the holidays? A quick post can let your customers know.

Be There When Their Craving Hits

Have you ever been driving down the road and the sudden craving for ice cream hits?

(you know you have)

Social media acts in the same way. According to HubSpot, “73% of people say they use Facebook for professional purposes.”. That is a considerable amount of people who are looking to interact with your business. However, in order to do that, you have to make your business active on social media when the ice cream craving hits.

Because Your Customers Are Sweet

Well. Most of them, anyway. It’s important to be available to interact with your customers. While social media is often accused of depersonalizing human interaction, it’s a response to the modern customer. Said customers are looking for instant results…and social media provides a means to do that.

When you monitor and network with your customers on a regular basis, you increase their trust and loyalty in your business. And what is sweeter than that?

Sprinkle some serious social media interaction into your marketing plan. When you make a point of improving your relationship with your customers, there’s definitely a sweet payoff at the end. Want to know how? SDB is here to help.

social media is like sprinkles