Social media: doesn’t everyone love change? Just when you thought people couldn’t or shouldn’t share anymore, up pops another social media platform. With a few tweaks even the ones you know become new again, and you have to relearn the basics.  Previously,  new platforms would emerge every few years, today new social media platforms emerge in a matter of months. How do you keep up with the changes to current platforms and the newest game changers? Take a look at these new platforms, some of which your kids are already using.

Pheed: It’s all about pictures and making money with Pheed, where celebrities and other entertaining types have the option of monetizing their photos, videos, and even live broadcasts for a monthly subscription fee.

Thumb: Have a question about what to wear, or what color to paint your room. Enter Thumb, your personal crowdsourcer. Upload a picture to Thumb and get thumbs up or down including comments from the network’s active user base.

Chirpify: For your shopping pleasure through Twitter or Instagram connects sellers & buyers. You reply with the words “buy”. The transaction is through your Twitter account. Chirpify can also be used for fundraising and giveways. Chirpify is free, but takes a 5% cut anytime you get paid.

Flayvr: Just like photo albums in your closet, if you take a lot of photos they can get lost in the mix. Flayver automatically organizes your photos into eye-catching album based on date and location.

Chirp: Chirp allows you to share photographs with any phones in audible range whether in a boardroom, crowded bar or even broadcast over loudspeakers. Your phone emits a high- pitched, two-second-long robotic squeak and any phone within sounds reach can download your photo. It can be even be embedded in YouTube videos or TV programs.

What do you think, are you ready to give some of these a try? Looking for the right mix for your business, but not sure where to start. Let SDB Creative Group help you.

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