While he isn’t “living the vida loca,” Ricky Martin is making genius statements on The Ellen Show. In a recent episode of Ellen, Ricky Martin mentioned something we preach every day, but coming from him makes it sound, err…more right. Thanks, Ricky.

“I’m obsessed with social media…I love it. You’re in touch with people, they tell you what they want, what they need, they make it so easy for us.”

It’s Inbound Marketing

YES. But, Ricky, social media isn’t the only thing that makes giving people what they want “easy.” It’s an entire concept, an entire methodology. It’s inbound marketing, using online tools and nurturing to not only generate leads but close those leads for your business. More closed leads=more money. Inbound marketing is marketing with a magnet, not a sledgehammer. It’s about attracting people from where they already are… online.

This concept isn’t new, it’s actually kind of old if you think about it. Businesses have used marketing to gain the attention of a consumer for ages, they’ve just been doing it the wrong way. No, it wasn’t “wrong” at the time, but there has been a shift in purchaser power. The power is in the hands of the buyer, the world is at their fingertips (literally). Buyers can find what they want, when they want it. No longer do they have to go straight to a physical storefront to get their information. So what does that mean? Your marketing must adapt to this power shift.

What’s Next?

What’s the next step for you? Contacting SDB! We’ll help you develop an online presence, not just on social media, but all over the World Wide Web. Begin attracting, converting and closing your online visitors today!

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