You’ve seen it all over the news. Saturday’s Women’s March garnered a significant media response, where supporters gather across the world as a sign of encourage for human and civil rights. However, how social media plays out in the realm of government is interesting, to say the least. The role of social media and event organization definitely deserves some attention, too.

However, at this point I feel that I need to say this is NOT a political post. It is simply an evaluation of how social media can organize various groups.

How Did It Get Started?

The day after Donald Trump was elected as president in 2016, a woman in Hawaii named Teresa Shook created a Facebook page. This page invited 40 of her friends to protest his inauguration. Others, including Evvie Harmon, Fontaine Pearson, and Breanne Butler, had also created similar pages. After realizing their plans were similar, they consolidated their Facebook page and the Women’s March on Washington was created.

Yes. It all started from a Facebook page.

Social Media And Organization

Whether you’re organizing a political fundraiser or tweeting support for a particular candidate, social media provides a way to make that happen. Social media tools allow a unique opportunity to reach a wide range of people…and usually within a reasonable budget.

Instead of sending text messages, emails, or making phone calls, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide instantaneous results to whoever is following. It certainly helps to save time and effort, particularly when organizing an event.

Using Social Media As A Business Tool

Twitter and Instagram have tracked the hashtags #WomensMarchOnWashington and #WomensMarch have received millions of impressions. That means millions of individual people have come into contact with those particular hashtags.


Creating a specialty hashtag for your event can help build more support and visibility. Whether you’re conducting a political rally or planning a volunteer opportunity with your company, hashtags are a great way to get organized.

You Just Gotta Be There

Like her or not, Gloria Steinem said something very powerful at Saturday’s rally.

“Thank you for understanding that sometimes we have to put our bodies where our beliefs are. Sometimes pressing send is not enough.”

This statement is beyond true when it comes to social media. While it’s a great tool to engage and organize your customers (and/or supporters), you can’t hide behind a digital facade. It’s important to connect with people face to face. Social media is a great tool for your business, but it cannot replace the value of actual interaction.

If you’re ready to see how social media can help make your event planning more simple, march on over to SDB Creative Group…or just send us a message.

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