A common question from prospective new clients is, “What is the most effective and cheapest way to advertise?” A business may have an unusual small business. Maybe
they clean tile grout, invent a mass market product, or service garage doors, but the question is not unique to small business. How can they advertise without blowing their cash flow? And whether you have $500 or $15000 per month set aside for advertising, no smart small business person wants to waste money on ineffective advertising. Which leads owners to spend so much time trying to get the best deal, that they spend money on advertising that is not right for their sales goals. The result tends to be “I’ve tried advertising and it doesn’t work”.

Here are some steps to make your small business advertising work for you and to build a campaign that generates more money than you spend.

Small Business Advertising step 1. Identify Your Advertising Goals:

What role does advertising play in your plans to grow your small business?

– Is your small business advertising part of a short-term marketing effort or one part of your long-term marketing strategy?
– Do you want to generate leads?
– Do you want to use your advertising as a catalyst to building long-term client relationships?
– Do you want to generate one-time sales, for example, to move excess inventory?

Small Business Advertising step 2. Clarify Your Small Business Marketing Message:

Whether you are considering print, media (cable, TV or radio) or Internet advertising, the key to success is getting the attention of the people who want your products and services. If your marketing message doesn’t grab your prospects’ attention, you’ve wasted a whole lot of money.

Small Business Advertising step 3. Prompt Action:

Once you’ve got your prospects’ attention you want them to take action. Depending on your small business advertising goals, you may be looking for a quick sale or to build your prospect list. What is the action you want your ad to prompt?
– Do you want people to visit your website?
– Do you want them to call you for an estimate or an appointment?
– Do you want them to come to your store?
– Do you want to get them to give you their contact information so you can market to them again and again?

So, our advice to all small business owners is to consider all of the questions above and get a clear idea of your marketing goals and the messages that you want to send to prospective clients. Linking all of your marketing together is key and can also be difficult to be consistent. We can help and actually save you money by helping you make more and not waste money on ineffective advertising. Call SDB Creative Group today to get started!


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