Yesterday, we discussed 3 simple ways to show your customers you appreciate them.

(Since it is the season to be thankful and all…)

However, we forgot (or purposely left out so we could write this blog), one of the most essential ways you can show your customers you appreciate them…with content.


How on earth can you show your customers you appreciate them with the content you provide? Seems a little silly, doesn’t it?

Let us explain.

Show Your Appreciation

With marketing, of course!

You can easily show your customers you appreciate them by publishing content that they find useful, relevant, helpful, or entertaining. STOP publishing content solely about your business and services. While that content (we call it “direct content”) is important, it should be about 60% of the content you publish. You should publish about 40% “indirect” content (meaning content that is indirectly related to your business). This indirect content can be anything that someone in your target demographic would find interesting or relevant to their lifestyle. For example, if you are an interior designer, you might consider posting links to “Thanksgiving decorating tips” or “how to host a flawless Thanksgiving dinner.”

Thoughtful content publishing is just one of the simple ways you can show your customers you appreciate them. Talking about you or your business 100% of the time is just a little more than your customers want to hear. So, next time you sit down to schedule your content, keep that in mind!

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