This time of year we are all listening to the familiar Christmas songs that make us all get into the holiday spirit. Somehow, even in West Texas where Christmas is more likely to be 75 degrees outside with a light dusting of brown dirt rather than a white, we can still dream through song. Does this same nostalgia work with jingles for goods and services? You bet it does! But should a jingle be in your future?

Let’s play guess that product….

  1. Double your pleasure, double your fun…
  2. My bologna has a first name …
  3. You deserve a break today at..
  4.  I’m a pepper you’re a pepper wouldn’t you like to be a pepper too…
  5. Meow meow meow meow…
  6. Give me a break….

These weren’t hard to recognize, were they? At one point McDonald’s had a jingle that kids were playing patty cake to and reciting their whole menu in the process. So the answer is YES jingles do work, and they are not just for national chains, but there are some critical things that make a jingle a success and stuck in your customers heads.

  • They need to be easy to sing for the average Joe. No complicated tunes and high notes. Think children’s songs and that’s a good place to start.
  • Easy lyrics. Repetitive easy lyrics will stick. A long song listing every product or service available will not work.
  • Frequency, frequency, frequency. Can you learn a song if you’ve only heard it once? Neither can your customers!
  • Jingles need to be consistently used throughout a comprehensive media plan. Most jingles come with several different options for use. This allows them to be used in radio and TV effortlessly.
  • Give it time. Going back to popular Christmas carols, did you hear them one season and then never again? Jingles can and should be used for several campaigns. The theme of the campaign may change year to year, but the jingle should remain part of the package. Again recognition is the key. I know that every time I think of a carpet cleaner, I think 1-800-Steamer…I even have the number in my head to call. Wouldn’t you like that for your customers too?

We will be running a Jingle all the Way Special this week. Call us to get a fresh start on your 2013 marketing campaign. Call us today to learn more!

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