Yesterday, I told you about my fascination with Shark Week. I may dreadfully fear sharks, but Shark Week intrigues me every year.

No, it’s not that I like sharks, or that I even find the species to be so interesting…so why do I watch?

Like I said, the show itself, the way it is presented, is what draws me in.

So how do I shed a marketing light on this…? Think about it. You may be hesitant to spend any significant amount of money on a marketing or advertising program when your product or service is anything but…interesting. Sure, for you, it’s your passion, your life, your interest. However, for a normal consumer who doesn’t realize a need for your business, it could be dull and ignored.

No one wants to spend money on “dull and ignored.”

The key is to make your business exciting and noticed. No matter what kind of “spin” you give your marketing efforts, it has to grab the attention of your target consumer.


Become Relatable With Your Marketing.

Let us tell you how!

Yes, that’s the key. How can you make your business intriguing enough to catch a wanderer’s eye? There are several ways to do this. Let’s discuss the first, creating relatable marketing.

Creating Relatable Marketing

How does your product or service satisfy the needs of your target consumer? How will it make their lives easier or more efficient? Everyone is in the business of saving time or money. How does your product or service do that?

Of course, only you can answer that question. (Unless you hire us, and then of course we can, too!)

…enough with the sales crap, let’s get on with this!

For example:

You own a dumpster rental and haul business. (I’m trying to think of an unappealing product or service here.) What is one way that you fulfill the needs of your target consumer? Well, your business allows people to save time by not having to collect and clean up their own trash. Create an appealing ad text that specifies that fulfillment and then indicates what to do in order to have that need fulfilled.

We Clean Up So You Don’t Have To!

Contact ABC Dumpster Rentals Today!

(123) 456-7890

That’s just one simple example of creating relatable marketing and how to make your advertising “appeal” to your target consumer. But there’s more to come! Stay tuned tomorrow for how to diversify your content to attract more visitors!

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