This week, I’m telling you how Shark Week relates to your marketing.

Basically, I’m answering the question “how can I make my marketing as intriguing as Shark Week?”

Yesterday, we discussed how to mold your marketing to satisfy a certain consumer need. How/why do you appeal to your target consumer? After answering that question, you can create advertising that attracts the attention of your consumer.

Today, we’re moving on to how to diversify your content and appeal to your audience.

You should always share content that isn’t necessarily specific to your business or services, rather content that is entertaining, interesting, or in some way helpful to your target consumer.

Appeal To Your Target Consumer...

…we'll tell you how!

So, how does this happen in a way that doesn’t promote another business (the content you’re sharing from)?

There are so many informational sites, such as magazines or blogs, that you can share information from without it promoting their business, but instead, supplements yours. Instead of always sharing posts that direct back to your own website, try sharing content that directs to another website, but still provides helpful information to your visitor.

As an example, consider this.

You are a plumbing company, who uses Facebook and Pinterest for Internet marketing. Consider sharing posts from sites such as,,, etc. Anything that a homeowner (someone who would need plumbing services) may find interesting. Thinking along the lines of decorating ideas, home improvement projects, home value articles, etc.

This helps to diversify your content and reach a consumer to provide them with an impression of your company…

…one they may not have received otherwise!

To find out more on how to make your marketing/advertising efforts more interesting, check back with us tomorrow as we continue our “Shark Week Sensation” series!


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