All businesses desire top of mind awareness. When someone asks you to name your favorite local restaurant, you would be able to easily say “[fill in the blank].” SDB Creative Group defines “top of mind” as being a company you would recommend first. Most companies that achieve this consistently and effectively execute seven marketing musts:

1.) Sales people – personal contact
2.) Direct Mail
3.) Internet – SEO, Paid Search, SMM
4.) Sales materials – Brochures, company literature
5.) Advertising
6.) Public Relations
7.) Education of clients – seminars, tradeshows, etc.

These seven should be stacked, creating consistent impressions.

How would you grade your company in executing the seven musts of marketing? A great drill to use is to workshop with your key personnel on each must. Set clear goals and expectations and schedule regular follow up and evaluation. Working on your business this way can create tremendous breakthroughs, elevating you to the next level.

I’ll go into brief details on each of the seven musts of marketing in the coming weeks.

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