There have been a whole lot of changes in the search engine world the past couple of years, and for many, these changes have caused confusion and even panic when it comes to SEO and content. There is no need to panic though. Despite all the Google algorithm updates, the Panda’s, Penguin’s and Hummingbird’s (oh my!) the bottom line is that great content naturally creates great SEO.

SEO, Then

There was a time when anyone could throw up an article on just about anything, pack it full of awkward keywords and sit back and wait for traffic. The focus was on the keyword, not the content. Google has made it clear, very clear, that this is no longer acceptable, as anyone who has had their site penalized can attest to.

All these changes have had SEO “experts” scrambling to make sense of just what it is that the largest search engine in the world wants. Well, it simply wants the internet to be a valuable resource for people to find quality information. So, what does this mean for content providers? How does SEO figure into things? Should keyword optimization be ignored?

SEO, Now

Short answer: No, it should not be ignored. However, it should not come at the expense of quality. The content should always be the focus. Bottom line: Great content that provides value to the reader will naturally find its way into search rankings.

This does not mean that SEO should be entirely ignored. There is still room for making sure that content is optimized for keyword phrases that are relevant and natural. The key is balance.

As Google continues to tweak its algorithms, it will become more important than ever for businesses to practice good inbound marketing strategies, particularly where social media is concerned. Sites like Google Plus have become a factor in SEO and “social proof” is growing more important. So remember: The key to staying on Google’s “nice” list is exceptional content, anything less will be weeded out.

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