If you read Kelsie’s blog on Monday, you know we’re all about spring cleaning this week…for your marketing! One of the biggest marketing spring cleaning exercises you can do is some heavy-duty SEO scrubbing. Read on to find out how to make that happen.

Keyword Cleanup

All pages and blog posts need to have a great keyword. You know…the one customers are searching for. It’s important to  go through each one of your postings to make sure that you’ve built your pages around a keyword. If you’re missing one, be sure to make it happen.

Maximize Mobile

If you aren’t making sure your mobile is maximized (say that 5 times fast), you’re missing out on SEO gains. Search engines are making a huge push towards mobile content. Don’t miss the boat.

Update Your Descriptions

seo scrubbing

⬆️This Is A Meta⬆️

Your meta descriptions, that is. Metas are the tiny little descriptions that pop up when customers search for something. Meta descriptions should be a brief description of what your page is about and should include that all important keyword. Marketing spring cleaning is a perfect opportunity to check that all metas are completed.

Don’t Forget The Alt Text

Like Kelsie said already, images are critically important. Don’t forget to add your keyword to the alt text section. This is a sneaky Pete little trick to add even MORE keywords to your content.

Get Rid Of The Junk

Too many pop-ups on your page. Keep your sidebars in check. If you have ads on your side, make sure they aren’t dominating. These quick and easy steps can help you scrub up your SEO.

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