From defining SEO to explaining how to achieve it, we’ve told you a lot about SEO. But it all comes back to one simple fact:

You have to have it.

For you website to be successful in the process of being found and converting leads into customers for your business, SEO is critical. However, there’s a lot of information on SEO out there, sometimes contradicting. So how do you distinguish between SEO facts and fiction?

That’s what I’m hoping to help you with today! In order to really find SEO success, you have to separate fact from fiction. That’s why I’ve chosen 4 “SEO myths” to bust today. Take a look!

Still Stumped On SEO?

Let us help!

Myth 1: SEO Is Outdated

I’ll be the first to tell you that SEO has definitely changed. In fact, it’s sometimes hard to keep up! However, it still remains relevant. In fact, more people than ever are searching for you online and organic results still prevail.

Myth 2: Put SEO On Auto Pilot

SEO is an ongoing effort. New, fresh content is a big deal in Google’s eyes. Don’t ever get comfortable with your SEO efforts…it’s something that need constant maintenance.

Myth 3: Blogging Is Good Enough

Hate to break it to you, but blogging alone cannot sustain SEO. Content is only one step of the multi-faceted concept of SEO. Don’t forget about website structure, social engagement and multimedia content.

Myth 4: SEO Is Only For Marketing

Yes, SEO is great for marketing purposes, but it also increases website traffic and business, too! Therefore, SEO needs to be a priority for everyone. And more than just marketing, SEO is about user experience. Quality SEO improves the quality of available information and makes that information easier to find!

So if you aren’t making SEO a priority for your business, today is the day to start. To find out more information or want to get started with a team that knows SEO best, contact us via the form above!


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