We’ve said it before, if your business wants to “keep up” with your consumers, you have to have a social media presence. Simple concept, right?

Not exactly.

Of course, after creating profiles on certain social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.), those profiles must be maintained. What does this maintenance involve?

Not only do your profiles need daily updates (yes, we said daily), but the comments and shares need a response. Always. No exceptions.

When people take the time to share a post, or comment on your status, you owe them the time to acknowledge their time. Even if it’s a simple “Thanks for the share, (insert name here)!” or “We’re thankful for loyal customers like you, (insert name here)!” Your followers deserve to be acknowledged.

However, not all comments are going to be positive. That’s just the nature of social media. People are going to use it as an outlet to complain, too. Hey, no one is perfect, and your business will fall victim to these complaints. How do you handle it?

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First of all, the complaint (or compliment for that matter) needs to be addressed timely…within the hour, if possible. The longer the comment/review/post is out there, the more likely people will see it without a response. The faster you can respond, the better.

Second, be open and understanding. The last thing you want to do is have others see you openly bash a customer for being wrong (even if they are). Resist the urge to fight back and be willing to take care of their problem, no questions asked. Of course, there will always be those cases that simply cannot be remedied over social media. If that’s the case, simply ask the person to contact you and provide a phone number for them to do so. However, avoid that if possible. The public does not see that you resolved the problem if you do it over the phone. It is best for it to play out online, if that’s where the customer wants to make their voice heard.

So, you may agree that social media profiles need to be managed and maintained, but who has the time for that?? You have other priorities.

SDB has the time to maintain your social media. In fact, we make it OUR priority. You don’t need anything else to worry about, so let us take one thing off your plate. Let us help you TODAY. Just submit the contact form above!

We hope our tips for social media have helped, but have you checked out our “Good To Know” section? You’ll find several more articles that we’re sure you’ll find beneficial!

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